Wood Fences

  • Stockade: Stockade fencing provides privacy with sturdy, side-by-side boarding.
  • Board on Board: Board on Board fencing provides complete privacy with overlapping boards
  • Shadowbox: Shadowbox fencing is a semi-privacy fence style. You have privacy looking directly at the fence, but you can see through on an angle. It also offers less wind resistance.
  • Picket: Picket fencing is completely transparent, and is more of a decorative fence style. The options range from standard, to picket.

Trusted Wood Fencing Contractors in Orlando. Over 30 Years of Experience.

Wooden fences are a classic fence choice that many homeowners and business owners alike have trusted to guard and adorn their properties. Wood is the quintessential fence material. It is relatively inexpensive and you can find it pretty much anywhere. Wood has been a forefront building material since old times, and its popularity hasn’t waned even with the development of vinyl as a low maintenance alternative. Wood has been being made into fences for a long time, so pretty much anyone can do it. But if you really want the mark of a professional, get the job done right with the expertise of Datson Fence

Our Orlando wood fence contractors are a big reason why we’re a top Orlando fence company. Our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering the best fence they possibly can for every single client. Each member of our team is licensed and fully trained. We’re committed to supporting the personal and professional development of each and every one of our top fence contractors in Orange County. Our crew always stays up to date on what’s new in the world of fences, so your wooden fence styles will always be on the cutting edge (if you choose it to be so!) With a top team like this, it’s no wonder that we’re consistently named one of the best fence companies in Orange County

Wooden Fence Design & Appearance

Staining can greatly improve the look off your fence. To be frank, wood doesn’t come in a great many different colors. The deep browns we see so commonly in wooden handiwork are actually the result of a stain being applied. There are many different colors to choose from with wood stain, even ones like green, blue or pink. Staining a fence isn’t for looks only though. Wood stain adds a protective finish to your wood that guards it against weather damage like rain and sun fading. Staining a fence is a pretty simple job to take on DIY. Wash your fence thoroughly using a chemical wood cleaner. Choose your stain of choice and cover up any surrounding areas near your fence that you don’t want, well, stained. Next, grab a four inch brush or roller and get to work on your fence. Make sure to follow the grain of the fence in direction and to back brush as necessary for an even coat. Don’t be shy to use a lot of stain – make sure your fence is fully saturated with the stuff. Once you’ve finished and let everything dry, your wooden fence will be much better prepared to take on the elements!

Wooden fences are very versatile. Have our professional fence company style your fence in whatever way you want, whether it be privacy or picket. We’re standing by and ready to go, so call us for a free quote on top rated wooden fence installation in Orlando