Avoid Disputes with the HOA Using These Fencing Tips

In a perfect world when you are living next to other people, you will both be level headed and make sure to do your part to keep things looking their best. However, sometimes this is not always what happens. This is something that can cause a dispute between neighbors, especially when one person isn’t keeping up to their end of the bargain or might be too rude to speak with. Whatever the case, make sure to keep these fencing tips in mind that are offered from an Orlando fencing company.

Follow Zoning Regulations

You always want to make sure that you follow zoning regulations that are around you. This is because you want to ensure that you are putting the fence on your land, especially if you are building a home before the neighbors move in around you.

Respect the limits of the homes around you. You want to make sure that you give yourself enough space to mow around the outside of the fence and maintain it, as this can help you ensure that the fence is actually on your land, while also taking some of the work out of their side of their fence off their hands. 

Always Stay in Your Own Boundaries

When you are putting the fence up in your yard, make sure to stay within your own property lines. Going over these lines by even a half an inch can be a bad thing for you. This is actually something that is not going to go over well with the neighbors, ever. 

You should make sure to go in towards your property line, more so than theirs. This is to ensure that they cannot dispute the land. This also ensures that you are showing you are a respectful person that understands boundaries and respect their land, as much as you respect yours. This is going to be a big show of respect and that you can understand boundary lines and limits.

Follow All of the HOA Rules

This is one of the biggest ways for you to get kicked out of the neighborhood and fast. You might also have to pay fees and go through a bunch of processes. Don’t do this. Instead, check the rules and regulations regarding fencing and then follow them. This is important for just about everything you do in an HOA neighborhood, but before doing anything, always check. If you’re still not sure, give the HOA a call to find out. 

If there ever are any disputes between you and your neighbors, try to do everything in your power to resolve them. You don’t want to live next to people that do not like you, or that you do not like. It is going to make for an uncomfortable place to live. You can make sure that all of the rules are followed when you work with a professional fencing company that checks the zoning laws, land plans, and HOA stipulations. Be prepared, but be mindful of those living around you. Check out https://datsonfence.com for more information. 

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