Common Styles In Fencing

Choosing Your Fence Type

We are one of the best fence companies in Orlando, FL and boy, do we have options for you! Like most situations, the type of fence that you get depends on what the situation is and how much you are willing to spend! If you have a warehouse, perhaps you will want chain-link. If you have a wild dog, maybe you will want a PVC fence. If you have a mansion, wrought iron bars might be exactly what you need! No matter what type of material you decide to go for, you can be sure that our fencing contractors will come by and give you the most amazing fence installation! You will be amazed at the speed and precision in which they install your fence. We also only use top quality materials! This means that when our contractors pack up and head out, you will be left to stand in awe at the beauty your new fence possesses. It can be difficult choosing a fence company that will listen to you and that will actually provide you with what you need and what fits into the HOA guidelines. Actually though, it isn’t! If you just decide to go with us, Datson Fence, we promise that it will be the smoothest fence set up that you never thought possible. Still not sure which fence is right for you? Well, keep reading and we will outline a few!


Chain-Link Fencing

Chain link fences are a great option for commercial properties, but they are honestly not the best for residential properties. In fact, chain link fences actually lower the value of your home! So, if you have one and you were thinking of selling, it would be a good idea to take it down before putting your home on the market. However, when it comes to commercial properties, a chain link fence is a great idea! Especially if you own a property like a park or a baseball field. These types of fences can be built as tall as you need for your property. This particular type of fence is one that I am sure you have seen before! It is sturdy and offers amazing protection, especially if it is installed by us, a top rated fence installation company in Orange County. We take our job very seriously, that is why we make sure that when we install your fence, we do it right. No looking around twiddling our thumbs, and definitely no showing up with not enough materials! You can be sure that when you call us, the job will be done right the first time!


Wooden Fencing

Wood fences are a great option if you are looking for a fence that allows you to express yourself through color. They also seem to be an HOA favorite. Whether you are getting a wood fence by choice or if you have to get one, having it installed by one of the best fence companies in your area is a must! We will make sure that we use only top quality wood and that we install it correctly. That means that your fence will be planted firmly in the ground; no gaps and no wiggling. We also make sure to follow the HOA guidelines if there are any. So, if they say that your fence cannot exceed six feet, your fence will stop right where it needs to be, and not an inch over! 

Custom PVC Fence

PVC fences are a great idea for anyone that is looking for a fence that does not require much work! In fact, PVC fences are so easy to maintain that you can have your own children clean them or even the neighborhood kid! All it takes is a rag, some soap, and some water. It is important to stay on top of this cleaning though or some more serious stains, like mold, could arrive. Still, a little bleach should clean that right off! PVC fences are also fire resilient. This will give you more time to contact some authorities before things get out of hand during the backyard party! If you had a wood fence though, the problem would spread pretty quickly. PVC is more expensive than wood, however, in the long run, it actually is not. Wood needs a lot more care and maintenance then PVC so you will actually spend more money on the wood fence then you would have on the PVC one. Your PVC fence can also be designed to look just like a classic wood picket fence! If all of this sounds good to you, then it is time to contact our top rated fence installation company to come and install your PVC fence!

Stylish Iron Fences

Iron fences are really stylish and can make people second guess coming onto your property. For one, they aren’t very easy to climb! Getting an iron fence for your home will only matter if you get that iron fence done right! This means contacting a top rated fence installation company! We will be more than happy to send our fence contractors down to your home to install a beautiful iron fence for you!


Sturdy Aluminum Fences

Want that amazing iron fence but you don’t really have the patience for it? How about installing an aluminum fence? Aluminum fences can be made to look just like iron fences and no one could really tell the difference unless they were really trying to figure it out! Aluminum fences, unlike iron fences, are flexible so they can even be installed on a more hilly terrain! Ready for that amazing aluminum fence? Well then, it is time to call our experienced fence company!