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The best fence installation company in Clermont is at your service!  Now that you’ve arrived at Datson Fence, you’re at the right place! We want to be our customers’ first choice for fence installation services in Seminole County. Wouldn’t you like to benefit from our many years of experience? How would you feel about that being combined with customer service that really cares. We’ve been a top-rated business around here for a while, and we’ve become so through hard work and perseverance. We’ve been in business long enough to know the wrong and right way to do things – and we’ll always do it the right way. 

Top Fence Company in Clermont, FL

We’re not just making noise when we tell people that we’re one of Clermont’s best fence installation companies. We’ve worked hard for the ability to say that. Our customers are the reason why we’ve been able to maintain a high rating here at Datson Fence. It’s a beautiful cycle: we provide our clients with superior fence installation, and they, in turn, give us a five-star rating and recommend us to their friends! We like to keep the boat rowing, so why not hop on and see for yourself why we’re one of the best around? 

Professional Fence Contractors in Clermont, FL

Our professional fence contractors are the reason why we’ve been so successful. Whether it’s a residential or commercial fence installation our guys know what they’re doing and always do their best work. It’s just different when an expert takes on a job – you know that you are getting the best of the best out there. Our fence contractors are definitely some of the best in Clermont. That’s why choosing us for Clermont fence installation is such a good idea! There’s no way that you won’t be happy with your fence in the end – our contractors wouldn’t allow it! We want you to benefit from our contractors’ experience!

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Types of Fences

There are many types of fences to choose from with residential fence installation Clermont and commercial fence installation Clermont as well. Which fence is right for you? Well, it really depends on what’s important to you. Are you getting a fence because you have pets? Maybe you’re having a fence installed because you have children. It’s also possible that you’re getting a fence in order to clearly outline the stretch of your property. Below is some more information on four of the most popular materials for fence installation in Clermont.

Wood Fences

Wooden fences are common and straightforward. A lot of people appreciate the unique beauty and character that a wooden fence can give to a home. Your wooden fence installation in Clermont won’t last long if you don’t make sure to maintain your wood fence! Wood fences must be painted and stained every once in a while. This is because wood needs to be treated so it’s protected from the outdoor elements. This time-consuming maintenance leads some homeowners to look for alternatives to wooden fencing.

Vinyl Fences

A popular alternative for wooden fencing is vinyl fencing. Vinyl fence installation is a simple matter for our experienced Clermont fence contractors. Vinyl fences are popular because they are a low-maintenance alternative to wooden fences. Granted, this fence material is more costly on average than wooden fencing, but you’re paying for a sturdy fence that does not require nearly as much maintenance as a wooden fence. Vinyl is easily manipulated in many different shapes and styles, meaning you can obtain a wooden fence style like picket or shadowbox with vinyl fencing.

Iron Fences

Iron fences are the most costly out of the fence materials listed here. Haven’t you ever seen an iron fence that really impressed you? In general, this type of fence is very grand and lends a lot of aesthetic beauty and significance to a property. Also, a fence made of metal will stand up stronger to outdoor attacks. Wrought iron fences come in so many different styles, with many of them looking elegant and very attractive on a residential property. Here’s one thing to account for with iron fence installation- iron can rust so anti-rust measures should be regularly taken when maintaining his type of fence.

Chain-Link Fence in Clermont, FL

Chain-link fences installation is also a popular choice for residential properties. These fences aren’t the best in the category of looks, but they do get the job done. As with the other fence materials here a chain link fence can be customized in color, size, and shape. This is good especially if you’re getting a chain-link fence for a pre-determined purpose. A chain-link fence is especially customizable in the height that you can get. Maybe a twelve-foot fence is a bit much for a residence, but for commercial chain-link fence installation in Clermont, it could be an attractive idea. 

Best Fence Customer Service in Clermont, FL

We like to think that our customer service is second to none. Not every fence company in Clermont puts customer service up there with top-quality fence materials and expert techniques. Your satisfaction is just as important tonus as the fence installation process we apply. We want our clients to come to us with heir questions about fence maintenance and installation. We’ll give you tips on the best way to upkeep your fence as well as share with you what’s going on as your fence installation is underway. We have nothing to hide here at Datson Fence!

Residential Fence Installation in Clermont, FL

If you’d like a new fence for your home, we’re the fence company to call! We specialize in installing the perfect fence for homeowners. It’s not as simple as just hammering in some slats. We want to discuss your wants and needs with you. We’ll suggest different styles and materials depending on what you prioritize. If privacy is your main concern, we’ll install a fence with low visibility. If you want a very stylish fence, maybe you’d like to see the different ways a wrought iron fence can be prepared. It all comes down to what makes our customers happy – and that’s alright with us!

Commercial Fence Installation in Clermont, FL

Commercial fence installation in Clermont need not be complicated. A business just requires different strengths in a fence than a home would. In many cases, the security of a fence is key with commercial fence installation. Still, each individual business will have its own idea for what they want a fence on their property to do. It’s our job to do an excellent installation, as well as advise our client on the best way to move forward. The one thing that won’t need discussion is the fence’s quality. The best fence installation company in Lake County has got that all covered!

Pets & Kids

For pets and kids, you want a fence that will keep them safe and secure. When the kids are playing outside it’s good to have a boundary in place so games don’t get taken too far. Quite literally! In the case of pets, I don’t think cats are the primary concern here. For dogs though, if your pup we’re to suddenly jump up and a way that’d be a big concern. Just stick to this tip by the top fence company in Lake County. For smaller dogs, you’ll need a fence of at least three feet. For larger dogs you might need a fence of at least six feet and big jumpers may require more. If you stay in those general parameters you should be fine, and your pets and kids safe and sound.

Backyard Fences in Clermont, FL

A fence around the backyard is a common theme in residential fence installation near Lake County. People like to have privacy in their backyards. Who wants someone looking in when you’re trying to do a bit of backyard sun tanning or, worse, try out that newfangled workout regimen in the outdoors. Backyard happenings will be your private business as long as you have aa low visibility fence to keep out the eyes. Something like privacy or semi-privacy fence. In addition, you can paint your fence in order to further add beauty to your home. 

Property Attributes

A fence will affect your property in different ways, some potentially better than others. Before we break ground, let’s think about what those effects could be. Installing a chain-link fence can lower property value, while an iron fence may add more value than a wooden fence. In general, you shouldn’t have a fence installed if your only goal is to increase property value. This is because the amount of value a fence adds to a property is minimal, even if it’s a fantastic fence. You’d be better off spending that money elsewhere in the home for greater gain.


Now that you’ve been armed with more info concerning fence installation in Clermont, what do you think? Are you ready to take the leap into getting the perfect fence for your property? We hope that you now see which company is best equipped to do so – Datson Fence! So there’s no need to wait a moment longer. For the best fence installation services in Lake County, call Datson Fence!