Best Fence Company in Casselberry, FL

Top Fence Company in Casselberry, Florida

If you’re looking for the best fence installation company in Casselberry, Florida, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Datson Fence, we provide affordable fence installation services for folks who are looking for great quality, great customer service, and great prices. We’ll tell you why we’re the best choice for your next fence installation, as well as give you advice about which type of fence will suit your needs best. Are you ready? Here we go!

When you’re looking to get your next fence, chances are you’ll be inundated with many different choices regarding fence companies. Searching ‘fence company near me’ probably yields a bunch of results. The question is, which fence company ids best? That depends on your criteria. If you want affordable fence installation in Casselberry, experienced contractors, and top-rated customer service, look no further than Datson Fence! At our company, the only thing we put above our superior work ethic is the treatment of our customers. For many years we’ve provided the people of Casselberry and beyond with excellent fence installation services that they keep coming back for! Wanna know our secret? Call us for the job and you’re sure to find out that it really isn’t too complicated. We just care about our customers, and we’re committed to servicing our clients with the best fence installation Casselberry has ever seen.

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Professional Fence Contractors in Casselberry

What is a top fence company without experienced fence contractors to keep the wheels turning? We’re not sure, but it’s certainly not us! We rely on our family of professional Casselberry fence contractors for every job that comes our way – big or small. That’s one of the reasons why we’re able to consistently provide reliable and exceptional fence installation near Casselberry, Florida. Our guys have been around the block quite literally; nothing could surprise them regarding your fence installation. With many years of hands-on experience making happy and recurring clients, our professional fence contractors are fully equipped and capable of providing you with a fence that perfectly fits your property. Beyond their skill and professionalism, our Casselberry fence installation company really have a joy for what they do. They truly care about delivering the best product to the customer every time. That kind of drive just can’t be taught – we really appreciate our clients and every member of our Datson Fence family!

Top Casselberry Fence Installation

If we were to pinpoint the one service we excel at, we at Datson Fence would pick fence installation. If you own a property and you’d like to enhance it with a sturdy, long-lasting fence we should be on your speed dial. The method with which a fence is initially installed is crucial to a fence’s overall longevity and durability. If your fence is not right from the jump, it’s a waste of your time and money. Our top Casselberry fence company constructs every one of our fences to last. We want you to get the most out of your chosen fence type and material – meaning you’ll get the most out of your investment. Let's face it – you don’t go having a fence installed every day (if that was the case, we’d be billionaires!) It’s important that when you do decide to have a fence constructed to last 15-20 years, the installation is done right. For Casselberry fence installation, we know how to pick em’, plant em’, and style em’ to your exact specifications. Fence installation in Florida has never been so easy!

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Types of Fences in Casselberry, FL

Every fence isn’t created equal. Some fence materials work better in warmer climates than colder climates. Other fence materials are better at serving a particular purpose than their counterparts. Still, some fence materials are just more pleasing to the eye than the others on the market. What does this mean for your fence? Well, the fence material that you wind up choosing should fit your needs and wants for your property. There are many factors to take into consideration. Being the best fence company in Casselberry that we are, we’ll happily break down some of the most common fence materials, as well as their attributes, pros, and cons. We hope that you’ll be more informed about making the best decision for your next fence installation near Casselberry, FL.

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Wood Fences

Wood is the classic fence material. At it’s the most basic level, wood is inexpensive, easy to procure and simple to install. The price of wooden fences can rise depending on the kind of wood you build your fence with. For example, a privacy fence constructed out of cedar heartwood will be way more expensive than an everyday builder-grade picket fence. Just saying’. Still, the variance of pricing that you have with wood is wider than any other material out there. It’s nice when you can pick and choose which kind of wood fence will suit your budget best. Wood has a nice look to it, and it can be very pleasing to the eye. As for maintaining wood, here comes the downside. Wood requires a lot of continual maintenance. There’s always a need to paint it or stain it, as well as keep it from rot, water, and insect-related damage. Wood fences that haven’t been properly maintained fade pretty fast, usually into displeasing colors and appearances that would require a teardown and re-installation. Still, fence owners who are willing to do right by their wood fence are definitely getting a property addition that will stand the test of time and look good while doing so. Feel free to ask our professional fence contractors about tips on maintaining your newly installed wooden fence. We’re here to help!


Vinyl fence is a great alternative if you’re not feeling the maintenance that a wooden fence requires. Vinyl is essentially plastic and it comes with the attributes that plastic has. Namely, your vinyl fence wouldn’t need much maintenance at all. This fence material is durable as well as customizable. Many off the styles and designs that can be found with wood fences are equally attainable with vinyl fences. It’s also easy to customize a vinyl fence’s color, leaving many possibilities for design and personalization. As for maintaining a vinyl fence, the only task required is a wash down with soapy water every once in a while. No painting or staining necessary. Isn’t that neat? Be warned that neglecting this task for long enough can cause your new fence to develop unsightly stains that are difficult to get rid of. Why not have your next vinyl fence installation by our top fence company in Casselberry?


Iron fences are stately and stylish. They’re the most expensive type of fence material mentioned here, but for good reason. With a wrought iron fence you’re getting the hardiness of metal and the eye-pleasing qualities of wood and vinyl all in one. These fences can be shaped into absolutely beautiful designs that will adorn your home for many years to come. It’s needless to say that when properly maintained, an iron fence will last a very long time, protecting and adding stateliness to your property. Maintaining an iron fence requires an active battling of rust. Thankfully, there are many products on the market made especially for preventing rust formation on iron, so do your due diligence and you should be straight.

Chain Link

Chain-link fences are more common in commercial fence installation Casselberry, but they can be seen in use on residential properties as well. Chain-link fencing is often overlooked as a residential fence because it’s no the most visually pleasing of fence materials. In fact, the presence of a chain-link fence can lower your overall property value, which is the reason why homeowners are advised to take down chain-link fences upon putting their homes on the market. That said, fences installed with chain-link are reliable and sturdy. What these fences don’t have in style, they make up for in pure functionality. It’s no secret why these fences are often used in commercial and industrial applications. Chain-link fences can be installed quickly, taken down quickly and modified easily. If you really do want a chain-link fence installed for your home, go for it! Consider pairing your chain link fence with a fence of another material going around it. That way you can take advantage of the reliability if a chain link as well as the aesthetic of a wooden or vinyl fence.

Fence Company Near Casselberry With Best Customer Service 

A big part of a company’s success lies in the way that said company treats its customers. We always aim to give our clients five-start customer service in Casselberry – no discussion. Our family at Datson Fence wants to cultivate a relationship with each and every one of our customers. We want t to be the business you call any time you need the best fence installation in Casselberry, Florida!

So what’re you waiting for? Contact us for a free quote on your next Casselberry fence installation!