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Looking for the best residential fence installation in Longwood? Look no further than our Datson fence family! As an established Florida fence company, we’ve obtained years and years of experience building beautiful fences for our clients. Our customers are always happy with the job we do, and now we’re ready to install an amazing fence for you too! Our success as a fence installation company in Seminole County is no accident. By prioritizing our customers’ wants, need and concerns, we’ve honed a system that ensures our clients an amazing fence, along with exceptional customer service, every time! If you’re thinking of getting a new fence, have no reservations – Datson Fence is your fence family!

Top Fence Company in Longwood, FL

Being a top fence company in Longwood, Florida isn’t a given and we never consider it to be. Every single day we give our customers another reason why they voted right when they decided we were a five-star fence installation company in Seminole County. What, did you think we’re tooting our own horn? Our happy customers have given us the privilege of being considered one of the best and we’re very thankful. We don’t want to let our clients down! One of the biggest parts of being one of the best fence companies in Longwood is our close attention to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction. After hiring our company we’re sure that any negative opinions you have on fence installation teams will be thrown out the window!

Professional Fence Contractors in Longwood, FL

Our top Longwood fence contractors are trustworthy, experienced professionals who know to the fence like the back of their hands. We couldn’t ask for a better crew, and once you give us a call you’ll believe it too! You’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently our team will install the fence of your dreams. ‘Loafing around’ is a concept our guys don’t understand but ‘Hard Work’? Now that’s ingrained deep into our bones! Our team puts Their all into every single fence installation regardless of how large or small the job is.

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Types of Fences

You’ve got the best fence installation company in Longwood, Florida at your back. Now it’s time to move on to the next important decision – what type of fence will you have installed? Needless to say a decision like this is not one to be made willy-nilly. It’s also not a decision you need to make alone. After the hundreds of fences, we’ve installed our team can offer a bit of insight on the most common fence materials, along with their pros and cons. This will help you make an informed decision regarding the chosen material of your upcoming fence installation Longwood.

Wood Fences

Wooden fence installation in Seminole County is pretty common. Installing a wood fence is quick, straightforward and simple. This is especially true when you have a fence expert on the job. The style and feel of a wood fence is all it’s own, which is why homeowners continue to choose wood as a fence material. Wooden fences can be customized in many different ways, and they’re quite affordable for most intents and purposes. Of course, rarer and harder woods can get costlier. Remember that a wood fence must be continuously maintained.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fence installation Longwood has become a pretty common sight. People are opting for the low-maintenance of this plastic fence over the time-consuming maintenance wooden fences require. For homeowners that have been doing maintenance on a wooden fence for a number of years, transitioning to a vinyl fence can be a life-changing event! If you feel like you won’t be able to stick with a consistent maintenance regimen, a vinyl fence is an alternative you’re looking for.  Vinyl is also a material that can be manipulated into a lot of different styles and designs.

Iron Fences

Thinking about iron fence installation near Longwood, Florida? Just know that it’s pretty expensive. Of course, being able to count on top-quality materials by our Datson Fence family alleviates the load. Still, a pristine wrought iron fence can be an amazing investment made toward your property. There are many ways to customize your iron fence, such as pairing it with a stone base. Iron fences are stately, beautiful, strong, and defined. You must protect your iron fence from rust, so maintenance is necessary. Aluminum fencing is a potential no-rust alternative that is similarly priced.


Installing a chain-link fence in Longwood isn’t a problem for our professional fence contractors. However, chain link fences aren’t as popular a choice for residential fence installation near Seminole County as the others. This is because chain-link fences don’t add as much to a property’s appearance as wood, vinyl, or iron fence could. In fact, chain link fences can potentially detract from a property’s appearance and it’s value. Chain-link fences are still very good at doing the job of a fence – protecting property and keeping trespassers out. These fences also have good visibility while offering protection to a home or business.

Best Fence Customer Service in Longwood, FL

As a company, it’s important to us how we treat our customers. We’re one of Longwood’s best fence companies primarily because we prioritize our customers first. Being focused on doing our best work while helping our customers with whatever they need is a recipe for fencing success. We don’t forget that our customers are the reason why we’re successful here at Datson Fence! We want our clients to ask us lots of questions about fence maintenance, as well as questions on our fence installation process. 

Choosing A Fence For You

It’s time to find out which fence is right for you. As a top fence company in Longwood, we already know that any fence we install for you will be of top quality. However, a high-quality fence in the wrong circumstances will not work to its truly useful potential. The little things that concern each individual homeowner will have a big impact on the type of fence that’s right. Each person looking for quality fence installation in Longwood should think about their individual circumstances and what they could benefit most from by having a perfect fence.

Pets & Kids

Many times the initial reason a fence is sought out is simply because of the presence of kids and pets. When it’s time to play outside, having a fence in place gives homeowners peace of mind. Specific considerations should be taken when installing a fence to keep pets penned in properly. If you have a smaller dog, a fence of about three feet in height should be enough to keep your pup contained. For larger dogs, look for having a fence at least six feet tall. This is to keep larger dogs from jumping up and out of your yard, something I think all pet owners would like to avoid. 

Backyard Fences in Longwood, FL

A backyard fence can serve many different purposes. In fact, for residential fence installation in Longwood, Florida, getting a fence to enclose the backyard is quite common. Privacy in a backyard is important. Many people choose to enclose their fences with privacy or semi-privacy fences toward this purpose. Backyard fences can also be customized so they add to the overall design of your yard. If you have a specific idea of what look you want your backyard to have it could be a good idea to use your fence as a good backdrop for your design. Turn your design dreams loose with the best fence company in Seminole County.

Property Attributes

Fences can have different effects on your property. You should consider the bigger picture of what affects your fence will have on your property before hiring us for Longwood fence installation. You can also rely on us for recommendations regarding this. If you’re putting up a fence solely for increasing the value of your property, there’s probably another renovation you can do in your home instead that will have a more significant increase. The increase of value that a fence causes is pretty minimal when compared to other renovations in a similar price range. Also, a fence that hasn’t been maintained well will decrease property value. Either have it taken down or keep up with the maintenance that your fence requires.


You can trust the best fence company in Longwood, Florida for high-quality fence installation services near Seminole County. Our contractors are happy and determined to always do the best work they possibly can for our customers. On the top of our priority list is client appreciation because if that’s lost, we’re lost. Datson Fence is built on the principles of family, and every client that hires us for fence installation becomes a member of our big fence family! We want to walk you through your decision so at the end of the day you’ll wind up with a fence that’s perfect for your individual needs. There’s no need to make these decisions alone when you’ve got Longwood’s best fence contractors at your beck and call. So what’re you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s get started on your next installation today!