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The best fence installation company in Kissimmee, Florida is at your service! Are you ready to find out why Datson Fence should be your next choice for expert fence installation in Florida? Spoiler alert – better customer service, experienced contractors and high-quality materials all play their part. If this sounds like a journey you’d like to take, why not put us to the test with your next Kissimmee fence installation. We’re sure to impress, as we have for many years!

Trying to find a trustworthy fence company on the internet is brutal. It’s hard to know if you’ve really found a reliable Kissimmee fence company or just another scam. Not to worry! If you’ve found yourself on this website there is no need to look further! We’re ready to do the job and to do it right! Our company has years of experience installing long-lasting fences for the people of Kissimmee and beyond. This ain’t our first rodeo, and we’re ready to prove it! The way that we stay being a top fence installation company in Kissimmee is simple: hard work, top-rated customer service and professional fence contractors who put their all into their work every day. Once you experience a fence installation by our Kissimmee fence company, you’ll wonder what you’ve been missing!  We’ve been at this for a while and we have the hands-on experience and know-how necessary to deliver a great fence; one that you’ll make use

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Professional Fence Contractors in Kissimmee

We owe much of our success to the fence contractors at Datson Fence who keep things going for us every day. These people have put everything into making sure that a Datson Fence installation in Kissimmee never disappoints. Part of this drive comes from our contractor’s innate desire to put their best work out there for our customers. We’re happy to say that our guys have built up a massive reserve of experience and tips that they’re happy to share with our customers. Some things in this business are only learned by the installation of many, many fences. Do you really have time to deal with the ups and downs, the trial and errors of a novice fence company? Um, we think not. You’re looking for expert fence installation in Kissimmee that will be executed quickly and efficiently. If that’s your criteria, our fence installation contractors fit the bill.

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Top Kissimmee Fence Installation

We hold ourselves to a high standard here at Datson Fence. This is especially true when it concerns our principal service–professional fence installation in Kissimmee. This isn’t just a hobby or side hustle for us. Our company is the real deal. We feed our families through the expert installation of fences – yes, it’s that serious for us. We don’t expect our customers to pay their hard-earned money for a job that’s less than stellar. Thankfully, we never do a less than stellar job with our fence installation! No matter how much work you put into maintaining your fence, you won’t get very far if your fence wasn’t constructed properly, to begin with. The initial installation of your fence near Kissimmee will have a big impact on the overall longevity of your fence. When you have a fence put up you should expect it to last 15-20 years if properly maintained, possibly longer. The best way to achieve this is by having an experienced and professional Kissimmee fence installation company construct it from the jump. Make the investment now to better set up your future – especially since your investment is safe with us!

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Types of Fences in Kissimmee, FL

If you walk around the neighborhood it’s likely that you’ll see homes outfitted with many different fence types and styles. These fences will likely differ from the ones used in commercial fence installation. Before you jump into having a new fence constructed on your property, take some time to consider what fence material suits you, your property and your part of the Earth best. There are many types of materials and subcategories of materials for you to choose from when considering commercial or residential fence installation in Kissimmee, FL. Below we’ve outlined a few of the main fence material categories. This should better supply you with the info necessary to make an informed decision about the material that will make up your next fence.

Wood Fences

Wood is the most common material used for fences, and for building in general. Wood is easily sourced and rather quick and simple to install. The look, feel and essence of wood is unique. Many people choose wood as their fence material due to its ability to add character to any property it’s added to. With the addition of painting, staining and the many types of wood that can be used, wooden fences are the premier option for property owners that want to make their fence individually pleasing to them and their needs. Wood is generally affordable. For the most common wooden fences, the price of installation is inexpensive and budget-friendly. For those who want to have their fence constructed by a more durable or rare type of wood, pricing can get higher. Also, consider that wooden fences require continued maintenance. If you want your fence to last, it’s necessary to paint or stain it regularly, as well as take measures to protect your fence from the sun, weather, insect and water damage. Failure to do so will result in a discolored and deformed fence that must be taken down in order to start you’re your best is choosing a top fence company in Kissimmee for expert wood fence installation!


Were you frightened at all it takes to keep a wooden fence looking sharp? We’re happy to say that there is a lower maintenance alternative out there for folks who want the look of a wooden fence without all of the schedules and maintenance. Vinyl fencing is very moldable and easily constructed into styles that closely mimic those often feature in wooden fences. Vinyl can also be painted in order to further distinguish your fence from the rest. Our Kissimmee fence contractors would be happy to give you a long spiel about vinyl fence maintenance but alas, there’s not much to say! All that’s required of you to care for your vinyl fence is a wash down with soapy water every one or two weeks. As long as you keep your vinyl nice and clean, you shouldn’t run into any problems. Fence owners who want their vinyl fences to last as long as possible would be wise to rely on the experience of an expert fence installation company in Kissimmee, Florida!


Out of all of the fence materials highlighted here, iron fences will run you the most cash to install. This is because you can expect all of the good attributes of metal to be well, attributed to your iron fence! Wrought iron fences come in very beautiful designs – there are many to choose from! Have you ever seen an iron fence that sparked your imagination? These fences are used a lot in residential fence installation, as they can add oomph to the overall aesthetic of a property. Anti-rust precautions and maintenance should be taken when servicing an iron fence. If you keep up with this as you should, your considerable monetary investment will be well worth it, as your iron fence will serve you for many years to come.

Chain Link

Chain-link fence installation is more common in commercial and industrial applications than with residential. That’s because chain-link fences don’t look as nice as wood or vinyl or iron fences, plain and simple. Still, chain-link fences do bring value to the party. These fences are very useful in the pure function of doing what a fence ought to do – to protect the home and keep valuables and inhabitants penned in and safe. Chain-link has good visibility. You get all of the protection of a fence while being able to see everything that’s going on beyond the border. Depending on the height and type of chain-link fence you get, the price can be pretty inexpensive and installation easy to handle, especially for our top Kissimmee fence installation contractors

Fence Company Near Kissimmee With Best Customer Service 

Even a fence installation near Kissimmee that is well carried out can be dampened by a crew that doesn’t care to prioritize the most important piece of the whole business – you as a customer. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Our guys at Datson Fence continue to provide our clients with excellent customer service, which includes advice and tips that will make owning and caring for a fence easier. Our relationship with our customers is the most important part – we want to hear what you think about us!

Now that you know what the best fence installation company in Kissimmee can do for you, why not do something for us? Call now and request a free quote on your next fence installation project, and let’s start on this fantastic journey together!