SimTek Fence Installations

Colors Available:  Beige, Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, Black, Desert & Red Cedar

We offer ECOSTONE® and  ASHLAND® SimTek fences. ECOSTONE® fences provide total privacy and security, also have a granite-stone appearance that is maintenance-free. ASHLAND® fences also provide the same privacy and security, but have a wood appearance.

What is a SimTek Fence?

SimTek fences are super durable fences made through a patented process that goes above and beyond what is expected of a fence. Are you tired of the maintenance that comes along with wooden fences, or the fragility of vinyl fences? Maybe you want something strong like a rock wall, but you can’t afford it. If this is the question, then a SimTek fence installation is your answer! SimTek fences are a beautiful alternative to vinyl and privacy fences. They’re maintenance-free and they come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. SimTek can have the look of stone or wood without the price or hassle. Our Orlando SimTek fence crew will professionally install a SimTek fence on your property so you never have to worry about fence maintenance or stability every again. Be prepared for the onslaught of compliments as well – these fences are gorgeous!


Benefits of Getting a SimTek Fence Installed

SimTek fences are created through a patented rotational molded process, as well as with a proprietary Linear Low-Density Polyethylene. This ensures superior performance. These fences don’t just function well – they look incredible, and you never have to worry about them breaking down or requiring maintenance. Each post and panel of SimTek is reinforced with galvanized steel – now that’s durability! SimTek fences are constructed to withstand up to 110 mph of sustained winds and up to 130 mph wind gusts. These fences are great as a sound barrier. Did you know that they can block ninety-eight percent of direct sound? You can finally say goodnight to your neighbor’s Saturday night barbecue racket! Extreme temperatures are no match for SimTek – these fences can withstand temperatures of negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

SimTek fences are also fade resistant.

These fences have been Xenon-Arc chamber tested in an accelerated environment. Does he result? Minimum to zero fades. Now that’s a plus. Graffiti can be removed from SimTek fences with a high power pressure washer, making them a great choice for commercial fencing as well. SimTek fences are good for the environment, and they provide great privacy and security. Potential burglars won’t even want to risk it when they see your beautifully installed SimTek fence standing tall! You’ll be glad to know that SimTek fences are made right here in the good ol’ USA, and that they won’t ever need to be painted or stained. They’ll never warp or crack on you either, unlike vinyl and wood fences.