PVC Fence Installation

Colors Available: White, Tan, Clay (dark tan), Stone (dark gray), Wood Grain, Variegated Colors

Our vinyl fences are available in styles such as privatesemi-private, and picket. This type of fence can be custom-built to any style or height you'd like. We can also provide accents on top of the fence, vinyl welded gates and aluminum welded gate frames.


The Best Source for Quality PVC/Vinyl Fence Installations in Orlando

Our Orlando PVC fence company is one of the best that you can call in Orange County, FL! We have a crew of professionals that can come to your home or business and provide the Orlando vinyl fence installation service you need.

No matter what type of fence we install for you, it will be made with the highest quality materials; PVC/Vinyl is no exception. We make sure to give you the best, because that is what your property deserves!


Working With PVC/Vinyl

It is crucial to make sure that you go with a company that actually knows what they are doing and is experienced; otherwise you can end up wasting a lot of money and a lot of time! We are a trusted fence company in Orlando that is highly knowledgeable and have been been working with fences for over 30 years. It is those years of experience that allows us to visit your home or business and install a beautiful PVC fence for you that will stand the test of time.

Customers love the fact that they are non-porous and can stay clean even in cases where there has been graffiti spray painted on the fence!

PVC/Vinyl is also a good option if you want the look of a wood fence, with the longevity of a synthetic plastic polymer. Wood can quickly deteriorate from exposure to rain and humidity, while a vinyl fence has no problem standing up to those elements. We source our vinyl material from Poly Vinyl Creations, who are known for their quality and reliability.

Yes, wood is initially cheaper than PVC, but in the long run, wood is going to need more attention, therefore making it cost more once you need to have repairs done. PVC is also extremely durable. It can withstand the true test of time much better than a typical wooden fence.


Give us a call today to explore pricing on a new vinyl fence for your property. We offer free quotes for anyone that could use a new fence!


Advantages To Using Vinyl/PVC

Vinyl/PVC is extremely durable and a preferred choice for visual appeal.

Vinyl/PVC is super easy to clean, requiring only soap and water.

Vinyl/PVC can also be made to look in different ways like privacy fences or picket fences; a great upgrade from wood!