Steel Fence Installations

Available in Black. Ask about our custom solutions for commercial needs.

We offer residential, commercial, and industrial-grade steel fences by Ameristar. This type of fence comes in a variety of standard styles. Our Orlando steel fencing installers can help you choose the best option for your property.


Datson Fence Provides Durable Steel Fence Installations for Central Florida

You may be wondering, steel? Or wrought iron? Well, there are a few differences. To start off, both of these materials are durable and can look very high end. They can last you a really long time too. However, wrought iron is chosen much more often for residential use because of the ease of construction thanks to its malleable, yet durable properties. Nowadays, we see many more commercially built steel fences than wrought iron. This is due to lower costs for the material, which have made steel fences more accessible for commercial business use. This does not mean that wrought iron fences have no use, it really comes down to the purpose of the fence, as well as the given budget for the construction.

A little background on steel: It is a blend of carbon, iron, and some other elements. It’s easy to work with as well as the cost being something that didn’t break the bank, it found its way into the building world! It is a great material for tools, ships, automobiles, etc. While steel has been around for a long time. It was not actually used in any projects until around the 17th century because before then, the method was very expensive and difficult.

How Much Does It Cost?

The welding process really helps to distinguish the pricing. Wrought iron does take less work to a frame so that can also contribute to a lower cost. At the end of the day, it truly does matter what the extent of your project is. No matter which material you decide to get though, trust Datson Fence to install it for you!  We are experienced with building stronger fences for both residential homeowners as well as a commercial business, so you are going to want to call us, the oldest and most experienced steel/wrought iron fence builders in Orange County. We'll also help you keep your fencing in top shape with fence repair in Orlando and all of Central Florida! 

How Durable Is Steel Fencing?

Steel fencing is, like mentioned above, is composed of iron, carbon, and some other materials. It is this carbon in the steel fencing that makes it stronger than wrought iron. This means that elements and damage are less of a concern if you have a steel fence!

No matter which material you would like to place around your commercial or residential property, our top rated fence installation company in Orlando, FL, Datson Fence, has got you covered! We can install a steel or wrought iron fence for you for an amazing price!