Residential Fence Installation

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Expert Fence Installation For Residential Properties


At Datson Fence, we know the importance of a home fence for many of our clients. While we all have an opinion on whether a fence is a good idea or not, (you can guess our position) fences can benefit a residential property in many ways regardless. There are a whole lot of fence companies offering residential fence installation in Orlando. So why choose us? Well, not every company around here can boast our years of experience and credibility in this area. We’ve been doing residential fence repair and installation for a long time. No matter what type of fence that you need for your property, you can be sure that our team will have all of your questions answered and your needs fulfilled.

We truly do have the best fence installation and repair contractors in Florida. Sure, every member of our team is fully licensed and certified fence professionals. And sure, they all have loads and loads of experience on the fence installation scene. But those factors alone do not a top fencing contractor make. What really sets our team apart from all of the other Orange County fence companies is our drive. It’s the passion that our contractors have every single day to deliver the best product they absolutely can. It’s a true love for what they do. That sort of dedication cannot be taught. It’s earned through hard work. Trust our fence contractors to always provide excellent and affordable fence installation and repair for your residential property.

Residential Vinyl & Wooden Fences


You can often see homes that have chain-link fences surrounding them. Chain-link fences are great for keeping in pets, kids and keeping out pretty much anything else. Chain link fences are often shorter when installed around residential properties, although they can be made much higher than that. Chain-link fences are pretty utilitarian – they don’t add much to the curb appeal of residential properties. Many homeowners combat this fact by installing two fences; a decorative fence in wood or vinyl that’s reinforced by a surrounding chain-link fence built to the perfect height to keep their precious pup for running away. Be sure to consider what role you want your fence to play before committing to chain-link. Needless to say, if you’re looking to put your house on the market, having a chain-link fence installed, even by the best fence company in Orange County, is not doing you any favors.

Wooden fences are great. They’re easy to paint DIY-style and can come in many different shapes, styles, and colors. A wooden fence needs to be properly protected and treated to last longer. The strong Florida sun and humidity can contribute greatly to a fence wearing down, just as the strong Florida rain can definitely cause its share of damage.

Staining a wooden fence is not only for a color change. Wood stains increase the integrity and strength of your fence from the inside out. They also add a glossy waterproof finish that adds to your fence’s aesthetic and resistance to the weather. If you want to stain your fence, it’s a good idea to start by giving it a thorough clean. Fill any knot holes with putty and have any broken or damaged slats repaired by our top fence contractor in Orlando. You can then choose to stain your fence using a brush, roller brush or sprayer. Be sure to cover surrounding areas with a tarp for stain protection. If you think that you’ve got it all together, go for it! Just know that you can always rely on our professional fence company for wooden fence maintenance and installation.

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PVC & Wrought Iron Fencing For Homes

Tired of the maintenance that you need to do consistently for your wooden fence? Vinyl fencing may be your next choice! PVC and vinyl are terms used interchangeably to describe a fence made from poly-vinyl composite, or PVC. PVC fences are more expensive than wooden fences, but they come with a lot of benefits to back up that price tag! First, vinyl fences are virtually no maintenance. All that a vinyl fence needs is a hose down and a scrub with soapy water every once in a while. That’s it! When you compare that with the meticulous care a wooden or iron fence demands, many homeowners take a sigh of relief! Vinyl fences are strong against the weather, and they are light, flexible and easy to install. Have our fence professionals customize your PVC fence to the style and color that you want. Whether you need a six foot privacy fence for your backyard or a decorative lattice three footer for your front walk, rely on the best PVC fence installation company in Orange County, Florida to get the job done right.

Go all out with residential fencing with a wrought iron fence installation for your home! Iron fences are one of the most expensive fence materials you can choose from, and for good reason. Nothing can quite stand up to the majesty and curb appeal of a wrought iron fence. These fences can also be painted to match the look that you’re going for with your property, and in the hands of a professional fence contractor? The possibilities are pretty much endless! Take warning though. Wrought iron fences are notorious for developing rust. Be sure to have your fence treated with chemical rust repellent and make sure to stay on top of rust maintenance. Even with affordable fence installation like the one our company provides, iron fences are a big investment. Be sure to take care of it, or hire us to handle it for you.