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We’re a fence company that wants to change the way that you think about fence installation in Orlando, Florida! We want to turn the industry on its head by providing services that make our customers gape in amazement. Nothing less than five stars equates to a great job in our opinion. In our eyes, our clients deserve the best of the best.

We didn’t become one of the best fence installation companies in Orlando, FL from twiddling our thumbs and checking our social media. We got here by hard work and getting on the job every single day. We don’t cut corners when it comes to using top quality materials or when letting our customers know in detail exactly what’s going down with their fence. In order to be the best, we’ve had to consistently and constantly provide services that go above and beyond what every single one of our peers are doing. When it comes down to it, Datson Fence is the only company you should consider for affordable fence installation in Orange County.

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Although wooden fences may seem simple, it’s precisely a straight forward task that needs the most focused attention. Some of our competitors may think it’s okay to breeze through a wooden fence installation, but we look at that task in a completely different light. Each and every slat of your wooden fence will be carefully considered and installed if you hire the best fence company in Orlando. We’ll give you all of the tips and tricks that you need to know in order to do proper upkeep on your wooden fence. That way it will stand strong around your residential or commercial property for years to come. Our professionals will be able to customize your wooden fence to meet exactly what you want. Whether it is a privacy fence, semi privacy fence, lattice fence or picket fence, our licensed Orlando fence contractors will complete the job with excellence.

PVC or vinyl fences have become a popular fence choice due to their low maintenance. Vinyl is essentially treated plastic, so it comes with all of plastic’s benefits regarding durability, manageability and weather-resistance. Vinyl fences can be customized to mimic the look and color of wooden fences. Although they cost more, this factor combined with the almost zero maintenance makes vinyl fences a common alternative to the more standard wooden variety. All you’ll need to do for vinyl fence upkeep is a hose down with soapy water every once in a while.

The professionals of our top fence company in Orlando are committed to providing amazing fence services for affordable prices. Call us for a free quote on fence installation in Orange County today!

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