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Our Florida Fencing Services

Installation & Repair For Your Fence

Being one of the best fence installation companies in Orlando is not an easy title to get. However, that means that we don’t sit around playing solitaire when we think no one is looking! We are always getting better, learning new things, and giving you the best service you could ask for! If you want to have a fence installed, we are the company to call! We are a top rated fence installation company in Florida after all.


Commercial And Residential Installation

Our fence installation company for wood, PVC, iron, and chain link fences is one of the best fence companies you will find out here! When you call us, it means that you want the best in all of Orange County to come to your commercial or residential property and get work done! Sure, there are other fence companies out there, but we are the best! The best thing about going with us, Datson Fence, is we only work with top quality materials, offer amazing service, and give you a beautiful installation job! Our crews will come down and give you advice on how to prevent any of these issues from popping up again in the future! It doesn’t have to be difficult to get this amazing job done, just contact our company now!


Pool Barriers


• Pool barrier should be at least 48” above grade.

• The distance between the top of the horizontal members must be 45” or greater to pass ladder law regulations.

• The spacing between the vertical members should not exceed 4”.

• The maximum clearance at the bottom of the barrier should not exceed 2” above the grade.

• Gates should open out from the pool.

• The release mechanism of the gate should be at least 54” from the bottom of the gate.

• If horizontal members are less than 45” apart, spacing between vertical pickets shall not exceed 1-3/4”.

• Check local pool code guidelines.

Safety. Security. Fencing.

Whether you have a private pool for you and the family, or you are an owner of a community pool for all to use, you should be up to code on your fence. It's a life safety issue, liability is a big issue and you need to make sure you are pool code compliant. It will keep your family, friends, and patrons safe! Our fence company for wood, PVC, and chain link fences can supply you with lots of different fencing styles. None of our fences are made with cheap materials and each one is installed with the knowledge and precision of a professional. Never worry about forgetting to close the gate or the little ones opening up things they shouldn’t! When you choose Datson Fence in Orange County, you choose the best!


Fencing Installation

What with the sun, lightning, rain, hail, etc., our outdoor facilities really take a hit; and your fence is no exception! All of these elements will eventually cause your fence to look… well, not so good. No worries my friend, our fence company has the best fencing crews in all of Orange County! We can build your fence no problem for an affordable price! You never have to worry about us charging you for something that is not there! We are a fair and affordable fencing company; that is why we are the best!

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