Pool Fence Installations

Protect your Kids and Pets! An important part of every pool.

Pool Fence Installation in Orlando

Having a pool is great for all of the family; especially down here in Florida! You can hop right in and cool off from the day! You can also invite all your friends to come by and have a big ole’ backyard pool party! The thing is though when all is set and done, pools can be quite dangerous. Little kids and adults alike have accidents by the pool all the time. Protect your family, friends, and even yourself from the dangers by installing a pool fence! It doesn’t have to be a big ugly one either! You can have a stylish and functional pool fence installed by calling our top-rated Orlando pool fence installation company


Types of Safety Fencing Available For Pools

Pools without fences are very dangerous! You really will just not feel safe having your kids running around in the yard if there is a chance that they can fall inside. If you are looking to get all of these amenities and you are looking to get them done right, there truly is no better company to call than our fencing installation company for wood, PVC, and chain-link fences!


Pool Barriers

• The pool barrier should be at least 48” above grade.

• The distance between the top of the horizontal members must be 45” or greater to pass ladder law regulations.

• The spacing between the vertical members should not exceed 4”.

• The maximum clearance at the bottom of the barrier should not exceed 2” above the grade.

• Gates should open out of the pool.

• The release mechanism of the gate should be at least 54” from the bottom of the gate.

• If horizontal members are less than 45” apart, the spacing between vertical pickets shall not exceed 1-3/4”.

• Check local pool code guidelines.



Best Safety Fences for Orlando Pools

Adding a pool fence to your pool is not only a beautiful adornment, it also increases the value of your home. Having a pool in the first place already increases the value! Installing a pool fence as well will just have people wondering how they stumbled across such a perfect property for them and their families; if you are selling that is. All of these things only apply however if the pool fencing is done right! If you just hire a random ‘fencing company near me’ search result, then you are most likely not going to be very pleased with the final result! We are a company that actually cares about the final result of your fence and it is our goal to give you one that is amazing and done right! We will happily send our fence contractors down to your residential or commercial property to repair your fence whenever you may need it!