Choosing A Fence: Here Are The Most Popular Fence Styles To Pick From

A fence is a beautiful addition to your property. Fence installation Orlando adds to the security of your home while also improving its value. However, as a property owner, it is not enough to merely want to put a fence up on your property, you need to know which of the various options available on the market is best for your property.

When considering fence installation, there are several factors that should come into consideration, some of these factors include the reason why you have opted to install a fence on your property – are you trying to beef up security or installing the fence to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property? What type of material will you be using for the fence? 

Working with a professional fence installation expert can save you the stress of fence installations as professionals are experienced in this area thus allowing them the best chance of recommending a suitable fencing style for your property.

If you must choose on your own, below are some of the common fencing styles available on the market.

Picket Fence

The picket fence is made from wood and can be described as the classic American fence. Over the years, some types of picket fence made from vinyl material have found its way to homeowners and boast of extra advantages over the wood picket fence in that it is durable and requires a little less maintenance compared to the wood.

The picket fence has some properties or characteristics that distinguish it from all others and one of these is the pointed fence. The vertical boards that make the fence and run the length of the fence are shaped to be pointed, hence the name, picket fence. The vertical boards are held together by horizontal rails that run the length of the fence both on top and the bottom part.

The picket is designed such that the vertical boards are not too close together thus allowing the eyes to see between the space.

Estate Style Fence

This fence derived its name from areas where it is commonly found. The estate style fence is found in grand estates and is used to surround each occupant’s yard. This fence style is most commonly made from aluminum material and may have a flat or decorative feature, depending on the owner. For the decorative feature, there are some options that can be considered including butterfly scroll, estate scroll, rings, Quad finials, Fleur-de-lis, Pressed spear, standard post cap, and ball post cap.

The adornments are available in various colors including matte black, black, matte bronze, Florida bronze, light bronze, grey, white and more.

Split Rail Fence

The split rail fence is one of the rustic and homey fence options you can choose for your property. Placing the picket fence in the traditional category and the estate style fence in the luxury category, the split rail fence boasts of several rough-hewn beams that run horizontally between two posts.

The split rail beams were originally designed for farmhouses to keep livestock away from an area or to keep them from wandering off from the farm. This fence style, however, has enough space between the rails to allow you to see through. One more feature is that it is usually short and can be climbed over with ease.

Privacy Fence

While the above mentioned and discussed fence styles are great for marking boundaries, none of these fence styles actually provide residents of a property with the privacy they deserve. The privacy fence solves this problem, although it does not provide full privacy.

 This fence style is most commonly made from wood or vinyl material and is perfect for you if you would love a bit of privacy while barbecuing in the yard. The fence boasts of boards or slats that are situated against each other, like in picket fence, but instead, this does not offer space between the vertical boards. With the space eliminated, people can’t see through it.

Lattice Fence

The lattice fence was developed as a replacement for the more traditional pickets or rails. The panel of the lattice rail is usually positioned between posts and gives off an elegant yet warm look to the building. It is common that you might find a hybrid of the lattice and privacy fence, allowing homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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