How to Choose a Backyard Fence

Tips on Choosing The Perfect Fence For Your Backyard

Having a backyard fence is great and it most definitely adds value to your home, but that isn’t the only reason why someone would want a fence for their home.

Choosing a good fence for your backyard truly does depend on what you need it for. Whether it is because you have a pet, you want privacy, or maybe aesthetic reasons. We are going to go over a few reasons to have a backyard fence and this will definitely help you to figure out how to choose one!


If you have pets, this is a major reason to get a backyard fence. This is also going to affect which type of fence you choose. We usually like to ask people, does your dog like to jump? If the answer is yes, then you are going to need to get a fence that is tall enough to prevent them from jumping over. Especially if your dog is trained to jump high; you might run into issues without the right setup. When you think tall fence you might think chain link. Well, we typically advise against them for residential use. Chain-link tends to lower the curb appeal for your home; it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing fence material out there. So we usually like to recommend our other great options.

You should consider the look of your fence. If you get a wood fence and your dog loves to scratch it and make a mess of it… well… you can just expect to have a pretty ugly fence. If your dog doesn’t like to scratch and understands your wishes to having a nice looking fence and house, then no worries, get a wood fence! There are some fences that are specifically made for pets and you should definitely look into getting one if you want to make sure that your pet is safe. Also, consider the type of dog that you have. Does your dog like to bark at everything they see? If that’s the case, perhaps you should consider getting a fence that prevents them from seeing what is going on around them. Like a privacy fence for instance. There are many different fence types to consider when you are thinking about your pet and that is why we urge you to learn a bit more about your pet when deciding which fence to get., Yes, you may want to get a wrought iron fence, but if you don’t want your cat to run away, you may have to consider getting something without gaps.


If you are the type of person that likes to have perfect privacy, you need to consider that when getting your fence. Some of our customers definitely like their privacy and if you are anything like me, a backyard fence is a great way to add some privacy to your home. After all, you want something that shows, ‘this is my property and that is yours.’  If you are more into something intimidating, an aluminum fence might be a good idea. It isn’t something that can be easily scaled and it really just gives off the look that ‘hey, you don’t want to try and come onto this property.’


A privacy fence can essentially place a wall around your perimeter, as opposed to just a see-through border. These fences are great because you can build them to have the slats completely closed or to have them partially closed. This is really a great option and it doesn’t only have to be wood. When you think privacy fence you might be thinking of a wooden one a neighbor might have, but you can have a vinyl privacy fence as well; which we recommend highly! Vinyl is also a great option because it is easy to clean and it is pretty durable.


Sometimes people want a backyard fence because they are looking to make their home what we like to call “aesthetically pleasing.” So, if this is your desire, then there are a few questions to ask yourself first. For one, do you have to deal with the HOA? If you do, then you will be happy to hear that our staff can assist you with this process. Don’t start building if you don’t know about the rules yet! This can bring you a bunch of headaches, and maybe even fines in the future. We are always here to help you understand what your options are. Which is perfect if you have a bigger need for something unique and aesthetically pleasing, but are not trying to get into problems because of it.

You have to consider what look you are going for with your home. If you want to express yourself through color, we can suggest some different color options that we have from our vinyl fences as well as options like SimTek fences. If you want to keep things simple, you can always choose a wooden fence that you can later paint or stain. So if your home has an overall color scheme and you are looking to follow through with the backyard fence, then you are going to want to call us and ask for assistance! If you want something that feels regal or very protecting, then wrought iron might be a great idea good idea. We have built plenty of ornamental styles before, which means that you can rely on us for even some custom creations for your property. If you want something that looks clean easy to keep that way, consider vinyl/PVC.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things to consider when getting a backyard fence, but we hope that this article helped to give you an idea about how to choose a backyard fence. Go ahead and give us a call to get started with a new and beautiful fence!